Localization & Adaptation

Localization is the process by which software, websites, packaging, marketing literature, and other content, are adapted to resolve the operational and linguistic challenges that venturing into new markets provides.

It involves much more than translation, it involves modifying products into culture so they look as if they were originally created in the new target markets and they work as efficiently as they did in the original one. This can involve localizing complex linguistic scripts, translating software strings and the user interface; rearranging UI components to preserve the original look and feel after translation; and customizing formats such as the date/time, paper size, defaults, or even the logic to suit the target market. There is no field in the world where those issues are more challenging than in localization. Our Multilingual Publishing Group (MPG) has risen to meet that challenge and we now have the resources to handle every aspect of the localization process, from content design and authoring to formatting and final delivery. This gives us the competitive edge over other companies in the field.