When localizing products for different markets, factors such as cultural and linguistic group tastes have to be considered, as the preferred appearance of graphics, colors, icons, and images, and even fonts and bullets can be culturally dependent.

So when you choose a partner to localize your valuable publications, you should make sure that you find one that has the right experience and skills to produce a perfect local version of your original product. Only French Translation company DTP experts have studied the diverse local French tastes and preferences in depth, and gained outstanding experience in all phases of the content life cycle, i.e. authoring, design, formatting, and printing. Only French Translation company is therefore able to provide you with a localized product that is indistinguishable from one produced especially for the new local market
Our DTP Tools include:
Adobe Acrobat
In Design (CS and CS2)
MS Office (2003 and XP)
M.S Publisher (2003 and XP)
FrameMaker (v6, v7, v 7.1, and v 7.2)
Corel Ventura
Illustrator (v.10, CS, and CS2)
Page Maker (v.7)
Quark (V.5 and V.6)