Skills Management

Skills Management is the practice of understanding, developing and deploying people and their skills. Resource Management focuses on identifying the skills that job roles require, the skills of individual resources, and any gap between the two. The skills involved are defined in terms of a skills framework, also known as a competency framework or skills matrix. This consists of a list of skills, and a grading system, with a definition of what it means to be at particular level for a given skill. To be most useful, skills management is conducted as an ongoing process (monitoring), with individuals assessing and updating their recorded skill sets regularly. These updates occur frequently, and certainly when their skill sets have changed.
Throughout the performance analysis the resource managers assess the performance of the resources and decide whether it is more beneficial to retain them while providing the corrective actions necessary or dismiss them altogether from the Active Resource Management Database due to the unsatisfactory performance. If it is decided that to retain the resource would be better for the company, specific training targeted to remedy the resources weakest points is provided.