Client Involvement

Online Tracking System
In acknowledgement of many of our clients’ expressed wishes to be involved in the development of their projects, our skilled in-house engineers designed our state of the art online tracking system. Through this on-line system, you, as a client, can also be a fully functioning member of your own project team. You will be given your own personal user name and password, so you will be able to log onto the system any time you want to, in order to monitor your project’s progress. You will be able to contact individual team-members directly, upload files or instructions, and set priorities or deadlines and you will also be able to receive glossaries, status updates, follow-up reports, and even full delivery of your project. So you will be with us every step of the way. Have you come across any other company that is as confident as us to be this transparent as this with you? We are the first Middle Eastern & African French translation vendor that can offer you a 24/7 life update on every stage of your translation/localization project.
24/7 service
You can start a project with a simple call, e-mail, or fax. Our dedicated team is on call around the clock to assist you. For each assignment, our project managers handpick the best translator based on skills, education, and experience. With over 30 in-house translators and over 100 in our database and a track record of working regularly with those translators recognized by their peers as being the best in their fields, we can find the right translator for your project.